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Thanks to UCR for their help in creating my new business landing page. I love the idea of being able to recommend my favorite businesses to work with too. So many sites share “testimonials” of their clients (some of which are probably made up by them). But a business recommendation or referral, to me, carries a lot more weight.

Monica M.

Spanish Fork, UT

Welcome to the New Utah County Reviews!

Thanks for stopping by. Our mission at UCR is to recommend businesses in the Utah County area that we know, like, and trust. But more important than that, we want OTHER BUSINESSES to do the same.

A client testimonial can carry a lot of weight with other potential clients. But how often do you question all the client “testimonials” a company has?

For this reason, we are reaching out to Utah County businesses and asking them to recommend the businesses they prefer to work with. After all, a business owner often has a different view of other businesses that the standard consumer.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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