5 Common Dysfunctions Helped by Cranial Sacral Therapy (CST)

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There are many dysfunctions that can be alleviated by cranial sacral therapy.

Here are five common complaints:

  1. TMJ ~ relieved by working on the facial muscles, lymphatics, and inside the mouth~opening the avenue for expression. The Mandible (Jaw) and Temporal Joint are accessed through CST.
  2. Chronic neck and back tension ~ commonly caused by base of the skull tightness (occiput), and a compressed sacrum. Since the cranium and sacrum are connected by the spine, both are affected.
  3. Post-Natal issues ~ balancing the three master bones: sacrum, occiput, and sphenoid~brings the mother’s body back into balance after the stressors of birth.
  4. Anxiety and Depression ~ these can be minimized with a cranial system balance.
  5. Whiplash~ or hyper-extension, can be relieved best within the first 72 hours after an auto accident or trauma affecting the head and neck.