5 Tips for Treating Corns

Harsh walking conditions and rough foot activity can lead your feet to protect themselves by developing corns.  Corns are calluses of dead skin that your feet create in an effort to protect themselves against friction.

Corns can develop on hands, but are most common on feet.  They are especially found on toes and smooth, hairless areas of skin.
To treat corns:

  1. Determine which specific activity (or shoe) is causing them.  Avoid participating in this activity, if at all possible.
  2. Consider shopping for shoes that will not cause discomfort.  Sufficient room for toes is extremely important in shoes.
  3. Pad the affected areas using moleskin or a similar foot padding.
  4. Soak feet in a solution of warm water and Epsom salts for at least 20 minutes.  Be sure to moisturize your feet afterwards.
  5. If the above remedies do not affect the corn positively, consult a foot expert for further expertise. In some cases, even surgery may be required.

Do not attempt to forcibly remove the corn yourself – this could easily result in a much deeper injury.  You may be able to lessen the amount of dead skin developing with exfoliation and moisturizing, but be extremely careful with any sharp tools near the callus.

This is a guest post from our friends at Aspen Foot & Ankle. Find out more information about them at http://www.aspenfootandankle.com or call them at 801-465-1345. Doctor Dave Savage is a southern Utah County podiatrist who helps people stay comfortably on their feet.