COUPON: Introduction to Integrative Therapy Massage in American Fork

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Integrative therapy is a combination of three therapies ~ massage therapy, cranial sacral therapy, and somato emotional release therapy.

Massage therapy deals with the muscles and skeletal structure of the body. Pressure can be anywhere from light to deep tissue pressure.

Cranial sacral therapy affects a change in the cranial sacral rhythm, which is the natural flow of the cerebral-spinal-fluid. CST is done very lightly and energetically, about the weight of a nickel. It is applied to various boney structures on the head, neck, spine and sacrum.  Imbalance and dysfunction on many levels are repaired.

Emotional Release or Clearing Therapy is a dialogue process in which past beliefs surrounding trauma is released and re framed, so that growing up from the past to the present is facilitated. This therapy works very well for clearing childhood abuse issues, as well as PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder).  By going back to the beginning place of trauma, we can see what the person believes about himself, which is negatively affecting his present life experiences.

When combining body work, accessing the cranial system, and demystifying the emotions, powerful results occur.  As the body begins to relax, and the cranial sacral system balances and releases restrictions, the emotions that were stored on a physical and energetic level come to the surface and can be acknowledged and processed.

Life changing results occur, repairing relationships to God, self and others. When combining the powerful benefits of integrative therapy, greater healing and well-being occur.

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