HOW TO: Protect Your Feet Against Dryness in Utah County

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Utah is one of the driest climates in the United States. Even in the springtime, the air is drier than many other US states. Non-natives of this desert will often experience more drastic dry skin during season changes than one who has acclimated to this dry environment.

The skin on your feet is especially sensitive to dry climates. Here are some simple tips to avoid dry, cracked heels as the weather changes.

  1. Use lotions and/or creams daily: Springtime brings out the uncovered shoes. Through the winter, your feet have gotten used to being consistently covered with socks and boots. Be sure to establish a good foot cream or lotion routine for your feet on a daily basis now that your feet will be more exposed to the elements.
  2. Don’t change your habits overnight: Just because the weather now allows you to bring out the flip-flops and sandals, don’t stop wearing shoes and clean socks on occasion. If your feet are used to the moisture found in wearing socks every day, the shock of Utah’s dry air can lead to extremely dry and cracked heels.
  3. Drink plenty of water: The spring and summer in the desert bring about frequent bouts of dehydration. Your feet are in grave danger of losing water more quickly than some other parts of your body. Drink more water in the spring and summer than you do in the fall and winter to balance your body’s hydration levels.

Dry feet can lead to redness, irritation, and even infection. Diabetics often experience more complicated foot problems than others, but the same methods of foot treatment can benefit anyone that cares about their feet.
Build and maintain a good relationship with your feet – they carry you everywhere you need to go!