Enjoy the Benefits of Cranial Sacral Therapy

This is a guest post from an American Fork Utah massage therapist – www.TrudyBarnes.com. Make sure you redeem the UCR special massage coupon. Learn more about what cranial sacral therapy is and how it can help you or someone you love by commenting below.

Some of the benefits of Cranial Sacral Therapy

De-compression of the 12 cranial nerves ~ these nerves affect our mental focus, right/left brain access, hearing, swallowing, digestion, facial muscle movement, emotions, and vision, to name a few. So working with the cranial bones can relieve pressure on the skull, which then opens the path for effective fluid flow around the brain and down the spine to the sacrum. This gives space for the cranial nerves to function properly.

Better Organ Function ~ fascia surrounds all the organs and muscles in the body. As the cranial system releases the fascia, the entire body can relax and function properly.

Release Emotions ~ our bodies store emotions on a cellular level. As restrictions are released in the body through the cranial system, emotions come to the surface and can be processed and released. This can be done through facilitated movement, or unwinding.

Completion of Biological Processes ~ if there has been a miscarriage, an interrupted labor/delivery because of a C-section birth, or a still born, cranial sacral therapy can assist the body in completing the biological process on an energetic and physical level, at the same time clearing emotions surrounding the loss or trauma. The death of a loved one can be processed through cranial sacral therapy.

Balance and Well-Being ~ as the body’s restrictions release, the body comes back into balance. The cranial system functions without restriction along the head, spine, and sacrum. The result is a balanced, peaceful, clear sense of well-being. The body feels lighter, unburdened, and in alignment. The opportunity for disease and dysfunction is greatly reduced!

Have you tried cranial sacral therapy yet?