Got Arch Problems? The Basics of Flat Feet Issues

Thanks for this guest post by Aspen Foot and Ankle, a Utah podiatrist that specializes in foot and ankle treatment in Payson, Utah.

Normal Arch Flat Arch

Flat feet, also known as fallen arches or pes planus, is common in 20-30% of the population. This occurs when the entire sole of your foot presses to the ground. Occasionally, this will be the result of an arch never fully developing though childhood.

Some causes of flat feet:

  1. Injury
  2. Stress of age
  3. Wear and tear on feet.

Possibly the biggest risk to having flat feet is a chance of heel and ankle pain resulting from walking inwardly as the ankles of a flat-footed person naturally move more inwardly when walking than feet with a natural arch. Other risks include weakened muscles in the feet.

Potential treatments to avoid weakened muscles and foot pain:

  1. Barefoot walking and running
  2. Standing as often as possible
  3. Ensuring you are wearing the proper footwear for the activity you are participating in.

Many possessors of flat feet never experience problems with pain or difficulty using their feet. But, as always, prevention is preferable to treatment so become informed on the studies and opinions of flat feet before complicated issues arise.