How Do You Protect Your Feet in the Winter Time?

This is a guest post from our friends at Aspen Foot and Ankle in Payson, Utah. They are a foot and ankle doctor and would love to answer any questions you have about foot problems during the holiday season. Contact them at

It’s that time of year again – frightful weather outside. So what does that mean for your feet?winter-feet-in-utah-county

Feet are neglected and forgotten about – always hidden in socks and winter-proof shoes. But even those hidden feet need to be cared for. You may not be showing them off in your summertime sandals, but YOU know how they look and feel under those soft and fluffy boots.

Here are 6 tips to making sure your feet feel their best through the harsh winter:

  1. Take extra care to keep your feet well moisturized. Use lotions frequently.
  2. Always wear CLEAN socks. It may be tempting not to change your socks as often as you need to, but wearing dirty socks can lead to some serious foot conditions.
  3. Thoroughly dry out your boots after walking through wet, cold snow. Wearing wet boots out in the cold is a perfect setup for hypothermia and frostbite.
  4. Wash house slippers at least once, preferably twice a month. These are worn more frequently and for longer periods in the wintertime.
  5. Wear socks to bed – if you can. Some people can’t sleep with socks on, but if you can these will help keep your feet moisturized overnight.
  6. Pamper your feet. If they’re unhappy, you’re going to be uncomfortable as you holiday shop, eat and play.

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