How Winter Workouts Affect Your Feet

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The air is cold, the roads are slippery, and the sun goes down early. Winter time sure does change a person’s idea of fun while working out outdoors. Most of you have probably moved your workouts indoors to gyms and recreation centers. That’s great for the warmer air you get to breathe, but how does it affect your feet?

It’s no surprise that treadmills are rougher on a body than running outdoors. Grass and soft turf are better than concrete, too. When moving your cardio workout indoors, consider the following:

  • see if it’s possible to run on an indoor track, preferably a soft one. Not only is this better for your feet, but you can avoid shin-splints a little easier.
  • seek a location with plenty of room for stretches and cool down.
  • engage in a number of physical exercises, not just running.

After your workout, remember to be careful and clean in gym locker rooms – especially in regards to your feet!

Most buildings are sealed pretty tight in the wintertime. This creates a breeding ground for germs. Be extremely careful when removing your shoes, especially in locker rooms and public showers. Invest in a pair of shower shoes. A few bucks spent to prevent a foot fungus is infinitely worth avoiding months and months of foot discomfort.