New Business in Spanish Fork – COSTCO!

The foundation is started for Costco Wholesale in Spanish Fork!

If you haven’t heard (or seen), Costco is coming to Spanish Fork, Utah!

Here’s a list of some of the things we’re looking forward to about the new Costco in Spanish Fork.

The Top 5 Things to Have at the Costco in Spanish Fork

  1. Gas Prices: We’ve always made it a habit to have an excuse to go to Orem just so we could save money on gas at the Orem Costco. This won’t be a problem anymore!
  2. The Chocolate Covered Ice Cream Bars with Nuts! If you haven’t had one of these, you’ve been missing out. Seriously. Although they aren’t the best if you’re watching calories, Costco’s ice cream bars are one of our favorite snacks.


  3. Samples, Samples, Samples! Granted, we don’t do this anymore (at least not openly), but when we were in college Costco made a great “date night” to walk around and try the different samples. TIP: the BEST day of the year to get samples is the Saturday before Super Bowl Sunday!
  4. Savings on other bulk items: We don’t shop at Costco for everything, but products like toilet paper, baby wipes, Mac and Cheese, and hot dogs are part of our monthly or at least quarterly routine. Thanks to Costco for giving great deals on stuff like this.
  5. Friendly customer service. If we are comparing Costco to Walmart, it’s night and day difference. It seems to us that everyone at Costco LOVES their job. They’re all nice, happy, and willing to help. AND they seem to know what they’re talking about. Walmart, on the other hand, can be the opposite experience (but that’s content for another post on another day). Thanks, Costco employees and management, for the great shopping experience.

What are you looking forward to at the new Costco in Spanish Fork, Utah?