Answers to Questions About Laser Hair Removal

Have you ever been at the pool and had the thought, “I hope I’m not showing any unwanted hair…”

Or maybe you’re on a business trip, or out with some friends, and you meet someone new. First impressions and self confidence says a lot about you. If you’re feeling less than confident because of unwanted hair, you might be sending the wrong message.

Laser hair removal gives you back your reassurance and lets your skin speak for itself.

Will a simple hair removal product work?

Trying to take care of unwanted hair with product after product can leave you feeling uncomfortable, to say the least. Not only that, but products like that can really drain your pocket book, as you generally have to purchase over and over again.

By permanently removing the trouble areas with laser hair removal, there are no more shopping sprees on depilatory creams or waxes, and you can send the razor back where it came from. Your skin will be looking its best and feeling natural without any time spent frustrated in front of a mirror.

How many laser hair treatments will I need?

After your first session, your hair will still be intact. It may take 8-14 days for the hair to fall out from the treated area, so try not to be discouraged. Once it finishes this “shedding” stage, new hair will start to grow in. Don’t panic, it’s part of the process. Hair grows in cycles, so the follicles targeted at your first appointment were just the beginning. The dormant follicles will grow in, typically less dense and more brittle. The hair growing back in may also be lighter in color as your treatment progresses.

As you’ve gotten a few sessions underway, the regrowth will be minimized–you should have an idea of how your skin will soon be looking. A full round of sessions, also called a package, is usually finished within 6-8 appointments. After this, your skin will be rid of the unwanted hair, and you’ll be feeling great and worry free.

Laser hair removal means your skin no longer has to hide. It is what’s underneath that counts, after all. Start living in the moment without having to worry about the impression your appearance is making for you. Your complexion will be glowing, and your confidence will, too.