The Best Burger in Utah County

By: Mindika Thiebaud

In the last year or so Utah County has seen an influx of new trendy burger joints. I’ve been shocked by the hype and excitement. I personally would never stand in line for 24 hours or sleep out in the cold for a burger; no matter how delicious I thought it would be. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a food lover, but let’s be real folks!

burger-supremeFortunately for me, I think the best burger in Utah County doesn’t come from one of the new joints on the block. In fact its home has been a staple of the county for more than 20 years; a Utah icon, a family & friend tradition. Even better, I’ve never had to wait more than 5 or 10 minutes for it. Drive through, take out or sit down, Burger Supreme located on University Parkway in Provo, reins supreme!

Their burgers are thick and juicy. Made from fresh, never frozen beef, delivered daily. They’re charbroiled, which in my opinion is the only way to have a hamburger, then piled high with fresh toppings. Their fries are thick, but not too thick, crispy and like heaven dipped in their original recipe fry sauce. But it doesn’t end there. Variety is always key for my family.

We love options, and Burgers Supreme delivers. From the Guacamole Burger, Western Burger, Gyro Sandwich, Teriyaki Chicken, salads, shakes…you name it, the options are plenty. They have also started catering. This last summer we were lucky enough to have them cater our huge neighborhood 4th of July bash! Deliciousness delivered!

Now I’ve heard many loyal patrons of above mentioned trendy joints, argue tradition, nostalgia, etc…etc… for their love of a burger. I get that! I sympathize with nostalgia, but when it comes to taste bud satisfaction there’s just no contest. Burger Supreme takes the buds every time.

Mindika Nordfelt Thiebaud is a local food blogger. Her love affair with food and cooking began as a child when she got her first “easy bake” oven. She grew up as an Air Force Brat traveling the world with her family, experiencing food and cooking from all parts of the globe. She did however spend every summer of her life in Utah visiting family, and feels as though Utah has always been her home. She moved here 17 years ago to attend college and has never left.

Mindika is married to Arnold Thiebaud. They have 1 little girl, Reese, who is 1 year old and they are expecting their second child next summer.