The Top 3 Foot & Ankle Problems in Indoor Sports and How to Prevent Them

This is a guest post from, a Utah County podiatrist in Payson, Utah. Aspen Foot & Ankle believes that prompt diagnosis, early intervention and prevention are essential for the care and treatment of your foot. Dr. Savage is dedicated to providing quality foot and ankle care to patients in a caring and open environment.

Colder weather is fast approaching the Utah Valley area; that means many summer outdoor activities will soon be moved between four walls or towards the mountain peaks. It’s a good idea to take particular care when participating in indoor sports, especially when your feet are used to activities on soft outdoor turf. Some of the most common foot and ankle problems experienced while playing indoor sports include:

  • Sprained ankles – ankle ligaments are fragile and can be easily stretched during sports games or even walking, jogging and running.
  • Hallux rigidus – the disabling disorder of stiffening the big toe. The big toe is used while walking, running, balancing and bending. The joint can sometimes become rigid (as the name implies) and cause severe pain if not treated.
  • Ruptured tendons – this can occur during fast-paced games like basketball when jumping and landing harshly on one’s feet.

What can you do to prevent indoor sports injuries?

  1. Look for indoor courts and practice arenas with good shock absorption. Wooden courts are considered the best.
  2. Stretch thoroughly before participating.
  3. If possible, play with teammates suited to your skill level. This will cut down on the chances for accidental injuries.
  4. Use proper fitting footwear.

Don’t let fear of injury keep you from enjoying your recreational time. Indoor sports are a fantastic exercise resource and stress relief during the winter. Do your best to prevent injuries before they happen but remember to seek the help and advice of a professional podiatrist as soon as you feel a potential injury might hinder your feet.