Turf Toe: Prevention &Treatment

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What is Turf Toe?

A common field sport injury, turf toe happens when the big toe is jammed into the ground or stretched past its capacity. Usually a bruise will appear at the base of the big toe, or the toe will even become dislocated.


Some experts claim that improper footwear can contribute to turf toe and that cleats on turf are highly recommended for preventing it. Be sure to do proper stretches prior to activity. If your feet, especially toes, are at all sensitive and prone to injury, it may be a good idea to wrap them prior to playing any sports.


Possibly the most common hindrance to turf toe healing is getting back on the field too soon. Letting the injury completely heal before resuming regular activity is the best treatment to avoid further complications. Visiting a good foot clinic is a good idea to determine if your painful toe really is turf toe or something more serious.

Like many sports injuries, turf toe can take a while to heal. Some experts recommend staying off of the toe for at least 3 weeks, possibly longer. Once injured, turf toe is likely to resurface on occasion Athletes that have experienced turf toe should be especially careful in all future exercises.

Many sports injuries can result in further injury if not treated properly. Be sure to visit your local foot & ankle clinic for more detailed advice on how to treat turf toe and other injuries.